Dr Richard Halvorsen

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Dr Richard Halvorsen is the medical director of BabyJabs. Richard has worked as a GP in central London for over 20 years. He is concerned about the increasing number of vaccines given to babies, especially when these are for diseases that are either uncommon or rarely serious. As a GP, he offered his NHS patients mercury-free vaccines before these were available on the NHS, when he offered parents a choice between the MMR and single vaccines for many years.

He wanted to give all parents the opportunity to choose which vaccines to give their child, and when they should be given – a choice that is not available with the NHS schedule. This led to the formation of a dedicated children’s immunisation service, BabyJabs, in 2007.

Richard has written
The Truth about Vaccines, which was first published in 2007. A much expanded and updated 4th edition was published in 2017 which is titled Vaccines: making the right choice for your child. He has talked and written widely on immunisation in the media.

He founded BabyJabs in response to parents’ concerns about vaccine safety and demands for a greater choice of vaccines for their children.

Dr Halvorsen offers consultations at BabyJabs to help you choose an immunisation schedule for your child. He will be retiring at the end of 2021 and Dr Gurpreet Gill will take over the running of Babyjabs.

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