Hepatitis B vacine added to NHS schedule | BabyJabs

The hepatitis B vaccine is being added to the NHS immunisation schedule and will be given, as part of a new 6-in-1 vaccine, to all babies born on or after 1st August 2017. As hepatitis B is contracted through blood or sexual contact, the vaccine is clearly unnecessary for the vast majority of babies in the UK. The largest risk factors for contracting hepatitis B are injecting drug use and men who have sex with men.
However, as it is being introduced as part of a new 6-in-1 combination vaccine there is no way that parents can omit this unnecessary vaccine without breaking down the components of the vaccine by having them privately from a clinic such as BabyJabs.
Hepatitis B is extremely rare in children in the UK, with fewer than ten children contracting the disease every year. It is concerning that the vaccine has been
linked to the disabling auto-immune disease multiple sclerosis.