Too much aluminium in vaccines

Dr Richard Halvorsen, our medical director, has been concerned for many years about the quantity of aluminium injetced into babies as part of the NHS immunisation schedule. He has calculated that babies given vaccines according to the recommended NHS schedule receive quantities of aluminium above both the World Health Organisation and USA recommended maximum safe intake levels. The UK does not recommend any maximum safe levels. Scientists from the USA have now published research that shares our concern at BabyJabs. Though this research focuses on the US schedule, children in the UK receive a similar quantity of vaccines. The scientists write that babies are"at risk of acute, repeated, and possibly chronic exposures of toxic levels of aluminium in modern vaccine schedules."
No research has ever been done to test what the maximum safe level of aluminium in a vaccine might be. Additives in vaccines, such as aluminium, are not required to be subject to any safety trials before being given to babies. This problem is compounded when more than one aluminium containing vaccine is given to a baby at the same time. The NHS advises that three aluminium containing vaccines, with a total quantity of 1.425mg of aluminium, be given to all eight week babies in the UK.
Aluminium in vaccines has been linked to MS (multiple sclerosis), ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and even autism, as described in Richard's book:
Vaccines: Making the right choice for your child
At BabyJabs we offer aluminium free vaccines wherever possible. When this is not possible we source vaccines with the least aluminium possible. We always advise giving no more than one aluminium containing vaccine at any one time.