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Hepatitis B vaccine

The hepatitis B vaccine is the latest addition to the routine childhood immunisation schedule and is now given to all babies in the UK as part of a 6-in-1 combination vaccine.


There is uncertainty over how effective the vaccine is in preventing disease in those previously unexposed to hepatitis B.
However the vaccine prevents around half the babies born to hepatitis B positive women from catching the disease from their mothers.

Side effects

There is concern that the vaccine may trigger the serious neurological disorder multiple sclerosis (MS) in some people, with the risk possibly being greater with one particular brand of vaccine. Worryingly, this brand is manufactured by the same manufacturer that produces the 6-in-1 vaccine used in the UK schedule. It can probably cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) – a rare autoimmune disorder that causes weakness and paralysis, from which most, but not all, sufferers make a good recovery – in a small number of people. The vaccine also cause other auto-immune disorders in susceptible individuals.

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