What parents say about BabyJabs

A great clinic that offers an alternative to the current immunisation programme. It's good to have a choice.
Caroline Tattersall
We opted to go for BabyJabs instead of NHS on a friend's recommendation to have control over the vaccination schedule, products and how many to administer in a single dose. We could not be more satisfied. Dr Halvorsen explained everything in detail and we have been very happy and satisfied parents. Thank you for the excellent support. We continue to use the BabyJabs service and the outcome is the same: excellent.
Kartiki Kanekar
I have every confidence in the BabyJabs team in providing me with the most up to date information on vaccines for my children. I believe they act in the best interests of children by finding vaccines of the highest quality with single and small combination vaccines being offered. You get to choose your own schedule and decide what you think are the most important vaccines for your child
Elaine Minturn
Very happy with the advice received. Had both of my kids vaccinated at BabyJabs, never had any issues with the kids following vaccination.
What a relief to have come across your book and your services. Great service, great team, and a very happy & healthy baby! Special thanks to Nurse Maxine who is always sweet and gentle with our little girl. We recommend your services to everyone we know and are very happy to have found BabyJabs.
After reading Dr Halvorsen's book I was relieved to find out he had a clinic in London. I was pregnant amidst the whooping cough 'epidemic' when they suggested injecting pregnant women. After receiving patronising and incorrect advice from our GP we found BabyJabs. It feels like the clinic is the only place providing independent advice for parents that is balanced and open. We have now given our son all of his jabs at the clinic. The amazingly friendly staff are worth the money alone.
The BabyJabs team always make our children's immunisation appointments into a pleasant and fun experience.
Sam Palmer
For parents concerned about mass vaccination schedules I can't recommend BabyJabs clinic highly enough . Dr Halvorsen and Maxine put our minds at rest and their bedside manner was faultless . We were also impressed with their after care service as well and we always felt we received special treatment
We are so grateful to Dr Halvorsen and his team at Babyjabs. Before we went to Babyjabs, we encountered so much hostility and unwillingness to have an adult dialogue over vaccinations for children. Dr Halvorsen’s work enabled us to try to steer a responsible and evidence-based path between the homeopathy camp that denies any value to vaccination and much of the medical-pharma establishment that refuses to take seriously any kind of questioning about the efficacy or risk of vaccines. Having done as much research as we could, we came to the conclusion that you can never be sure your decisions about whether, when or or how to vaccinate are right – it depends on so many variables and so many unknowns, all of which contain some degree of risk. Nevertheless, Richard Halvorsen treated us like adult collaborators in our child’s healthcare, and helped us think through the options and come to our own conclusions, based on what was likely to be best for our daughter. Richard and nurse Maxine’s approach was always respectful, professional and caring - just what both private and public medical practice should be.
Dr Robert Marx
Dr Halvorsen and Maxine have been extremely supportive to us as parents as we've navigated the field of childhood vaccines. They give frank and honest advice but in a kind and gentle manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and we are delighted to have found them at the start of our first son's vaccine programme.
Mrs H. London
I am a nanny to a 11 month old and was greatly impressed with the personal treatment. Every child and family's beliefs are different and the family and I were able to work out the best schedule that fitted us. William has responded so well that we have not seen tears, fevers or anxiety at any jab or doctor visit.
Michelle Dunn