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Rubella vaccine

The vaccine is ‘live’, containing live rubella virus that has been altered (attenuated) to become relatively harmless.


The vaccine is 90% effective in clinical practice. That means that 9 out of 10 children will be protected following immunisation.

When is the vaccine given?

The vaccination can be given at any age from 12 months. The vaccine is suitable for adult women.

Side effects

Side effects after the vaccine are uncommon, though a few people will have symptoms of a mild attack of German measles, such as a fever and rash, a few days after immunisation.

Rarely the vaccine causes
joints in the body to become painful (an arthralgia); this is more likely to occur in older children or adults than in young children. Though symptoms generally settle within a few days, they can occasionally persist for over a year. Painful joints are more likely to occur with natural rubella infection than with vaccination.

This vaccine is currently available only as a 2-in-1 vaccine combined with measles.

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