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The 4th edition of Dr Richard Halvorsen's popular book on children's vaccines is now available. It contains new chapters on all four vaccines that have been addd to the UK children's immunisation schedule since the last edition:
Meningitis B, hepatitis B, rotavirus and flu.
All other chapters have been updated.
The book is now available to buy from amazon.

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Latest News

Probiotics increase effectivemess of vaccines

Vaccines given to children taking probiotics are likely to be more effective and last longer.

Meningtis cases increasing in children

The number of cases of meningitis W in children has increased year on year over the last 10 years.

New hepatitis B vaccine to be offered to all babies born after 1st August

The hepatitis B vaccine is being added to the NHS immunisation schedule and will be given, as part of a new 6-in-1 vaccine to all babies born on or after 1st August.