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We can offer you a large choice of vaccines to enable you to immunise your child the way you want to

Welcome to BabyJabs, the Children's Immunisation Service that helps you make informed vaccine decisions for your child

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Some vaccines are more important at a young age while others can reasonably be delayed until your baby is older or left out completely


We listen to your concerns and answer your questions so that you can choose how and when to vaccinate your child


We will spend time with you to help you make the right immunisation decisions for your child


We offer single and small combination vaccines that are not available on the NHS

Dr Richard Halvorsen has retired
Dr Gurpreet Gill has taken over from Richard as clinic director and Babyjabs will continue as before offering parents a choice of vaccines for their child. Richard says goodbye.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) We are open!
We are open as usual for vaccines. We currently have longer intervals between appointments to facilitate social distancing. We only ask that the adult attending wears a face covering in the clinic and that only one adult accompanies each child into the clinic.
Consultations are being offered by telephone or Zoom.
Covid-19 vaccine
There is very limited published information on any of the Covid 19 vaccines, none of which has been tested on children. We are unable therefore to offer any advice regarding the Covid vaccine at present.
Watch Dr Richard Halvorsen's new Podcast in which he shares his views on the NHS children's immunisation schedule, alternative schedules, the diseases and the vaccines, aluminium in vaccines, auto-immune diseases and much more.

Baby Vaccines

Explore the large selection of single and small combination baby vaccines that we offer at BabyJabs. Discover which vaccines will best suit your child’s needs.


Find out about the diseases, how likely it is that your child will catch these illnesses, and how serious they are.

Most popular vaccines

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Vaccines: making the right choice for your child

The 4th edition of Dr Richard Halvorsen's popular book on children's vaccines is now available. It contains new chapters on all four vaccines that have been added to the UK children's immunisation schedule since the last edition:
Meningitis B, hepatitis B, rotavirus and flu.
All other chapters have been updated.

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Latest News

Dr Richard Halvorsen's new Podcast

Dr Richard Halvorsen's comprehensive Podcast in which he discusses all aspects of children's vaccines can be watched here.

Asthma & eczema - again

New research from Japan suggests that giving multiple aluminium containing vaccines before 6 months of age is associated with asthma and eczema


Why has there been an increase in cases of mumps and what are my options?

The Men ACWY vaccine

We often recommend a single dose of this vaccine to infants from 6 months of age because of the rise in W strain meningitis.

There is too much aluminium in vaccines

Babies are being exposed to unacceptably high levels of aluminium in national immunisation schedules.